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Beverly's Story (03:42)


Beverly McClain was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and underwent three years of chemotherapy. It returned in her bones; she is now at stage IV and undergoing palliative treatment. Medical marijuana has helped her manage loss of appetite and depression.

Medicinal Cannabis (02:29)

Dr. Igor Grant says insufficient clinical trials hinder medical marijuana uses, but it has been proven to help cancer patients gain weight and manage pain. Regardless of legal status, Dr. Louis Papa would prescribe it, if necessary.

Medical Marijuana Evidence (04:03)

Cannabis has proven effective for nausea, neuropathic pain management, and muscle spasticity; synthetic THC is also available. No double blind control studies have been done to assess risk, but clinical trials at the University of California have shown efficacy in neuropathy.

Myth or Medicine (01:59)

Marijuana is the second most commonly smoked substance after tobacco. Dr. Michael Knii explains that the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis outweigh the risks to lungs—in short term use. THC pills may be safer.

Smoking versus Pill Form (01:56)

Medical marijuana is more effective when inhaled than when taken orally. The plant contains many chemicals that interact with the endocannabinoid system.

Legalization Controversy (05:13)

Beverly is active in the movement to legalize medical marijuana. Grant calls for distinguishing medical from recreational use; Papa calls for research into medical indications and safety. Its Schedule 1 status is a roadblock for potential studies.

Second Opinion (02:42)

Beverly has heard anecdotal evidence of patients using medical marijuana to reverse their cancer. Grant says the federal government is not restricting medical marijuana research, but is slow to approve proposals. Beverly's current chemotherapy regimen is going well.

Second Opinion 5 (02:09)

Dr. Timothy Quill shares five facts about medical marijuana.

Credits: Medical Marijuana—Second Opinion (01:13)

Credits: Medical Marijuana—Second Opinion

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Medical Marijuana—Second Opinion

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As more and more states legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, doctors and lay people alike are questioning its effectiveness, as well as the amount of research being done to determine how safe it is for certain conditions. We meet Beverly McClain, who uses medical marijuana to cope with the side effects of her breast cancer treatments; we answer whether the therapeutic benefits of smoking marijuana outweigh the health risks to your lungs; and we reveal five things you may not know about medical marijuana.

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