Titles in this Series

Hepatitis C—Second Opinion

Item #: 185195

Childhood Cancer—Second Opinion

Item #: 185196

Advances in Alzheimers Treatment—Second Opinion

Item #: 185197

Medical Marijuana—Second Opinion

Item #: 185198

Knee Replacement—Second Opinion

Item #: 185199

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder—Second Opinion

Item #: 185200

C-Section Delivery—Second Opinion

Item #: 185201

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—Second Opinion

Item #: 185202

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults—Second Opinion

Item #: 185203

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation—Second Opinion

Item #: 185204

Psychosis—Second Opinion

Item #: 185205

Measles/Vaccines—Second Opinion

Item #: 185206

Diabetes and Value-Based Care—Second Opinion

Item #: 185207

Preventative Cancer Screening—Second Opinion

Item #: 185208

Pancreatic Cancer—Second Opinion

Item #: 185209

Opioids to Heroin—Second Opinion

Item #: 185210

Borderline Personality Disorder—Second Opinion

Item #: 185211

Broken Heart Syndrome—Second Opinion

Item #: 185212

Down Syndrome—Second Opinion

Item #: 185213

Kidney Transplant—Second Opinion

Item #: 185214

Lupus—Second Opinion

Item #: 185215

Endometriosis—Second Opinion

Item #: 185216

Drug Overdose—Second Opinion

Item #: 185217

Head and Neck Cancer—Second Opinion

Item #: 185218

Type 1 Diabetes—Second Opinion

Item #: 185219

Immunotherapy—Second Opinion

Item #: 185220

Crohn's Disease—Second Opinion

Item #: 185221

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—Second Opinion

Item #: 185222

Hospital Delirium—Second Opinion

Item #: 185223

Transgender Health—Second Opinion

Item #: 185224

Atrial Fibrillation—Second Opinion

Item #: 185225

Eating Disorders—Second Opinion

Item #: 185226

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This series brings together patients and a panel of medical experts to provide the viewer with in-depth, often revealing discussions about life-changing medical decisions. Patients share their story and medical history, while the panel of experts weighs in with a variety of perspectives on diagnostics and treatment. The series offers viewers vital medical information about a broad range of topics from dementia and cancer to addiction and heart health, and aims to raise the level of public understanding of healthcare and medical issues in a way that engages them to take charge of their own health.

Length: 864 minutes

Item#: BVL185194

ISBN: 978-1-64623-059-4

Copyright date: ©2014

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