Segments in this Video

Music and Art: Symbiotic Relationship (04:23)


Jamie O'Shea has difficulty finding a place to show his art. Skateboarding, punk rock, and youth culture influence lowbrow art. Pioneers include Rick Griffith, Von Dutch, Robert Williams, and Ed Roth.

Robert Williams (03:13)

Williams describes his childhood in military school and enjoying stock cars. Influences include Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, S. Clay Wilson, and Ed Newton.

Art Galleries: Beginning (05:49)

John Pochna's "Zero One Gallery" first shows lowbrow art. Jacaeber Kastor opens "Psychedelic Solution." "La Luz de Jesus" is also known as "Wacko"; Greg Escalante Williams curates the "Kustom Kulture" show.

"Juxtapoz" (05:42)

A group of artists and collectors in the underground art scene publish the magazine, pulling in elements of counterculture including graffiti, psychedelic, cartoonists, and skate art. The idea the magazine encompasses only the Los Angeles Art Scene is a common misconception.

Art Galleries: New Dealers (04:49)

The Merry Karnowsky, Shooting Gallery, and The Jonathan LeVine Gallery open. Justin Giarla sells drugs in order to subsidize his gallery. Collectors determine what movements would succeed.

Art Collectors (03:10)

Ron English introduces Morgan Spurlock to lowbrow art. Stephen Fantozzi purchases a painting by Shag. Davey Havok goes to "La Luz de Jesus" and sees "Cricket Bakery."

Artist Shepard Fairey (03:03)

Fairey produces "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" stickers as a student at Rhode Island School of Design. Skateboarding and punk rock influences the pioneer.

Street Art to Gallery (06:55)

Artists living in California develop and create without feeling pressure from the New York fine art scene. "Juxtapoz" purchases a Gary McGee painting for $7,000.

Artist Ron English (04:13)

English paints a billboard of Jesus Christ drinking a beer. The painter depicts a fat Ronald MacDonald. Other brand icons he satirizes include the Marlboro Man, Bart Simpson, and Captain America.

New York Lowbrow Art (04:47)

"Max Fish" hosts exhibits by Fairey, Neck Face, Mark Gonzales, and Danny Hellman. "Psychedelic Solutions" embraces the art movement. Critics, dealers, publishers, academics, and collectors ignore Williams' shows.

Artist Camille Rose Garcia (03:34)

Garcia works on multiple canvases at once and does not create renderings of her work. San Jose Museum of Art asks to host a retrospective.

Illustrators or Artists? (03:25)

Many lowbrow artists go to school to become illustrators. Artists discover they can make more money creating their own work rather than animating for Disney. Portraits and landscapes in museums are a form of commercial art.

Artist Tim Biskup (04:12)

Biskup describes his process for creating wood panels. He understands the world through his paintings. Artists debate whether the term "lowbrow" is valid for contemporary underground art.

Artist Gary Baseman (04:44)

Baseman explains his parent's heritage and how he believed he was a genius when he was younger. Mark Ryden's work is not as popular as Andy Warhol's.

Artist Shawn Barber (07:55)

Barber paints, draws, illustrates, teaches, and learns to tattoo. Freelance artists need to do commercial work. Individuals discuss diversity among artists and lack of cohesiveness within the lowbrow movement.

Artist Liz McGrath (03:01)

McGrath describes selling dolls to help pay for her punk rock band to tour. She does not feel her artwork has been as successful as she desires. The Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Contemporary Art should consider exhibiting a collection.

Art Dealers (03:25)

Susan Landauer describes why she decided to launch a retrospective of Garcia's work. Daring underground artists create original pieces and exhibitions. Dealers discuss promoting and fostering new talent.

Legacy of Lowbrow (04:42)

Artists discuss the impact of the art movement. Aficionados gather at galleries to see contemporary underground art.

Credits: New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art (03:55)

Credits: New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art

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This film explores the Modern Art movement. Looking at the culture and art of the 1990s, the film is shot from the eye of a knowing insider, penetrating the minds of the makers, sneaking behind the curtain, and revealing the once unknown, low brow artist. It features prominent artists, including Robert Williams, Anthony Ausgang, Isabel Samaras, Shag, and Tim Biskup, as well as the cult magazine, Juxtapoz. The film aims to capture the Zeitgeist of the movement as it has risen from underground to mainstream.

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