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Introductions: Innovative Cities (Asia) (01:20)


This program will explore recent developments in urban planning in Seoul, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Seoul (04:03)

Half of South Korea's population lives in its capital. Once a polluted stream, the Cheonggyecheon has been revitalized. Winy Maas is developing a sky garden on a highway overpass built in 1970; Lee Sang Hun discusses his position procuring trees and plants for the project.

Singapore (04:20)

The country has limited lands and resources. The National Science Experiment records students' hours spent outside, steps, weather, and humidity. Virtual Singapore will cover the entire state and will be available to run experiments and determine proper emergency protocols.

Hong Kong (03:58)

In the New Territories, Elaine Yan Ling Ng creates textiles to be used in art installations. The Mills is turning an old textile factory into a gallery, storefront, and a start-up incubator. Angelika Li explains how understanding the past will help guide the future of the city.

Fukuoka (04:13)

This city's population is younger than the rest of Japan. Soichiro Takashima's plan is to drive business and investment in startups. Thomas Pouplin and Yasmine Djoudi run Ikkai, a crowdsourcing platform; Masanouri Hashimoto describes how the population supports new economic growth.

Kunming (04:53)

Dian Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China; pollutants include heavy metals, antibiotics, and green sludge. Waterfall Park draws water from a reservoir through Panlong River. Scientists discuss improvements due to the Diversion Project.

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The pace of change across Asia’s cities is staggering, and with that growth comes new challenges, especially when it comes to laying the groundwork for a more livable future. From the rebirth of an aging overpass in Seoul, to an experimental effort to design a virtual digital twin of the entire city-state of Singapore, to Hong Kong’s quest to position itself as a new creative and cultural hub, innovation in Asia can take on a variety of forms. Yet, the urban planners, architects, and entrepreneurs behind these projects share a common vision: to evolve the modern Asian metropolis beyond skyscrapers and showcases and to place renewed focus on the hundreds of millions of people who call these cities home.

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