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"Color Can Raise the Dead": Iris Apfel (07:19)


Danielle Clough from creates colorful embroidery on different surfaces for her Instagram page. The artist has done commissions for Netflix, Drew Barrymore, Nike, and Gucci.

Shades and Tones (06:47)

Beauty has no standards. Sulaf Elamin from Sudan specializes in makeup, fashion illustration, and online beauty tutorials. The entrepreneur studied politics and economics in college before concentrating on fashion in France. More brides are wearing their natural skin tone instead of lightening it.

Paintings for Ants (07:31)

Lorraine Loots creates miniature art using paints, pencils, and brushes; she auctions her pieces on Instagram. Inspiration will come after sitting down to paint. She wrote a graphic novel and screenplay about losing her brothers at a young age.

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This episode features an artist getting global attention for her embroidery work, a woman who is able to get huge details into paintings smaller than a penny, and a makeup artist who has made the human face her canvas.

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