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Pyramids in Sudan (04:24)


Sudan is infrequently visited by outsiders, but the country is home to well-preserved pyramids and monuments. Hameed Badri works for the Italian Tourism Company and is dedicated to sharing Sudan's history with the world. The area called Nubia has attracted archaeologist from around the world.

Sudan and Ancient Egypt (02:37)

Nubia is often linked with ancient Egypt, but for periods of time it was under its own control. A temple to an Egyptian god is at the Jebel Barkal Mountain, which was one of the farthest settlements from the Egyptian capital.

Archaeology in Sudan (08:49)

As studying the Nubian pyramids has become more popular, it has attracted archaeologist and scientists to Sudan. The Sudanese government has an ongoing project to map all archaeological sites in the country. The government and Swiss archaeologist Charles Bonnet are hoping to get more Sudanese children interested in the country's history.

Cultural Heritage in Sudan (05:33)

University College London and Qatar have partnered to create a center for studying the cultural heritage of Sudan. The partnership hopes to increase the excavation, study, and accessibility of the sites in Nubia.

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Sudan's Pyramids

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Well-preserved yet almost unknown to the outside world, Sudan's ancient pyramids point to a proud past of kings and kingdoms that existed in the heart of Africa.

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