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Rallye des Gazelles (04:25)


The all-women off-road rally is held in Morocco were 165 teams from 16 countries compete. The eight-day race spans 2,000 kilometers through the Western Sahara. Marina Arcia-Escamez, from Spain, and Hind Tangi, from Morocco, are amateur drivers who are competing for fun.

Completing the Rally (03:20)

Teamwork is incredibly important since the race lasts eight-days with competitors sleeping in the desert. Maud Garnier has completed the rally seven times and is now a team manager. No electric devices are allowed, and teams use maps and a compass to navigate.

Terrain of Rally (03:43)

The sand dunes are the most difficult part of the course to navigate. Some teams have lengthy mechanical problems that knock them out of the ranking. Navigators are given training before the rally begins.

Support for the Rally (02:55)

The rally has more than 300 support staff. Control posts throughout the course trace the racers so they can send assistance when needed.

Last Leg of the Rally (06:39)

Rally founder Dominique Serra walks the campground at 4 a.m. when the racers awake to head out for the final leg. The rally also has a charitable foundation that provides healthcare to local communities. The race helps boost self-confidence for all its competitors.

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We follow 330 women on an eight-day journey like no other: a 2,000-kilometer off-road rally through the Moroccan Sahara, as woman and machine are put to the ultimate test.

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