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Ocean Plastic Challenge (05:11)


Only 14% of global plastic packaging is recycled. Effects of plastic chemicals on the marine food chain are unknown. The Ocean Cleanup founder Boyan Slat discusses efforts to mitigate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Econundrum (01:36)

There are 150 million tons of plastic in the ocean; by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish. Marine species mistake fragments for food. Consumers must reduce plastic use and recycle.

Circular Economy (02:23)

Sailor and world circumnavigator Dame Ellen MacArthur explains that most plastics cannot be recycled. Her foundation will award prizes for innovations in material science and design alternatives to disposable plastic. Many emerging markets lack collection systems.

Finite Planetary Resources (01:22)

MacArthur supports removing plastic from the ocean, but wants to stop it from getting there in the first placeā€”a concept inspired during her world circumnavigation.

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Plastic in the Ocean

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Ahead of World Oceans Day, Eco Solutions explores the devastation that plastic has on our oceans and the people who are championing the clean-up.

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