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Earth Day 2017 (04:06)


London's Kew Gardens has over eight million specimens. Children learn about the environment, conservation and climate change during an educational festival.

Plant Migration (02:21)

Kew Gardens Science Director Kathy Willis discusses research on the impacts of climate change on plants. Warmer species are growing in colder regions. She is concerned about deforestation, CO2 sequestration, and food security.

Econundrum (01:22)

Learn about the environmental cost of one day on Earth, including population growth, waste, water use, fossil fuel consumption, and hectares of rain forest lost. The phrase "reduce, reuse and recycle" still stands.

Public Education (02:59)

Kew Gardens Director Richard Deverell discusses teaching children to be curious about nature. Plants are essential to life on Earth. Research areas include medicinal plants and drought resistant crops.

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Earth Day 2017

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How much damage do we do to the planet in a day? Eco Solutions is at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, London, to see how younger generations are learning about climate change.

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