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Environmental Impact of Meat (01:35)


Hear average meat consumption per capita in various countries. Livestock is responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions; most is attributed to beef.

Cultured Meat (02:38)

Isha Datar's organization New Harvest funds cellular agriculture research. Having produced a beef burger, they are working on test tube turkey. They hope to feed cells with plant-based sources.

Beyond Meat (02:03)

A California company makes burgers from pea protein, including matching flavor molecules. Diverse protein sources will contribute to environmental sustainability.

Econundrum (01:27)

Raising beef is land and water intensive, and contributes to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers can substitute beef with fish, insects, or cultured meat.

Reducing Meat Consumption (02:44)

Chatham House representative Laura Wellesley says current dietary trends will exacerbate climate change impacts. Meat alternatives can help overcome cultural resistance to vegetarianism.

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Beyond Meat

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Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? Well, if you're one of the world's committed carnivores, it could be said that your eating habits are a significant contributor to the pressing problem of global warming. The impact of raising animals for meat includes deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. This video explores food alternatives aimed at reducing meat consumption, including cultured meat and pea protein burgers.

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