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Dry Farming (05:49)


Certain crops can be cultivated without irrigation. California vineyards located in an alluvial fan save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. Compare roots from dry farmed and irrigated vines and learn about sap flow monitoring methods.

Econundrum (01:42)

Only 3% of the planet's water is fresh. Conservation measures include fixing plumbing leaks, using full dishwashers and washing machines, limiting showers to less four minutes, limiting meat and coffee consumption, and buying second hand jeans.

Dry Farming Research (03:04)

Agriculture professor Bill Davies has pioneered a technique of watering part of a root system. Rice paddies are alternately irrigated and allowed to dry. Farmers must respond to climate change through water reduction methods.

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Dry Farming

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Dry farming, the seemingly-magical method of not watering crops is attracting a growing following among farmers around the world.

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