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Improving Air Quality in Tezpur (03:30)


Air pollution contributes to one in eight deaths globally. India is known for polluted cities but rerouting trucks, planting trees and burning cleaner fuels have lowered PM10 levels. An Assam tea producer uses LPG instead of coal.

Reducing Local Air Pollution (02:12)

London breached NO limits in January 2016; volunteers ask drivers to switch off engines when idling. The app CityAir helps people navigate pollution hot spots. Tezpur residents use gas cylinders for cooking, rather than bamboo fires.

Econundrum (02:05)

Researchers say the health benefits of being active outweigh risks of exercising in polluted cities.

Global Air Quality Challenge (03:08)

King's College London professor Martin Williams explains that pollution travels between continents. China has learned from the West and avoided diesel vehicles. Hear small changes that car owners can make, in addition to global vehicle technology standards.

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Air Pollution

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As the shift of people from rural to urban inevitably marches on, keeping our cities' air clean is one of our biggest challenges. Many cities are working to reduce pollutants.

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