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Serial Inventor (05:10)


Yoshiro Nakamatsu has 3500 inventions; the floppy disk is the best known. His creations vary from practical to entertaining. He was diagnosed with cancer and has developed a treatment.

Innovation Culture (06:11)

In 1964, the Bullet Train was engineered by Hideo Shima; Carbon Nanotubes were discovered in 1993. Honda developed humanoid Asimo in 2000; Nakamatsu has designed a robot to treat cancer. He designed the World Genius Convention and Cerebrex chair, intended to boost intelligence.

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Japan - The Land of Invention

Part of the Series : Make, Create, Innovate
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Make, Create, Innovate's Nick Glass heads to Japan to explore its innovation culture, and meet the world's most prolific inventor, Yoshiro Nakamatsu. The self-described Serial Inventor has over 3,000 patents, the floppy disk making him a multimillionaire. After diagnosed with cancer, he developed a robot treatment, and believes it to be working.

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