Segments in this Video

Toshiro Kawase (04:20)


The ikebana artist considers flowers as gods; all things in nature are worshipped in Japan. His medium exercises discipline and minimalism and promotes contemplation. Learn about tatehana, nageire, and chabana elements.

Makoto Azuma (02:44)

The Tokyo flower artist discusses the spiritual aspects of cut flowers. He preserves works in acrylic and captures images of them in extreme conditions, including space and deep sea. He also catalogues characteristics of plant specimens.

Yuichi Hirose (02:50)

The kimono industry is declining in Japan, but one man continues his family's cloth dying business. He discusses the edokomon process and uses unconventional stencils to broaden his market.

Yuima Nakazato (01:06)

The designer explores the intersection between fashion and technology. He discusses modernizing the boro mending tradition for his works.

Katsushika Hokusai (02:55)

Learn about the ukiyo-e master. Craftsman Noriasu Sota works on a "Great Wave" replica. Sixth generation publisher Yukiko Takahashi says there are few traditional woodblock artists left in Tokyo.

Yamada Zenjidou (01:28)

The graphic artist makes ukiyo-e inspired illustrations and posts them on social media. His work comments on the humor and awkwardness of modern life. He hopes he will renew interest in the traditional art form.

Toyo Ito (03:47)

An exhibit at Tokyo's Mori Art Museum connects traditional and modern Japanese forms. The architect discusses his vision to connect buildings to nature, exemplified in the Tama Art University library. He recognizes that projects are impermanent; see the Za-Koenji Theater.

Kazuyo Sejima (02:46)

The architect celebrates lightness and minimalism, and is influenced by the Japanese way of creating space. See the Sumida Hokusai Museum and Suibaura House. Architects continue an ancient tradition of finding inspiration in nature.

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CNN explores the dichotomies of Tokyo’s multi-layered worlds of art and design through the prisms of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the historical and the futuristic. In the heart of 21st Century Tokyo, meet the modern masters sharing their visions for the future of Japan’s ancient arts—from flower arrangement to woodcut prints, architecture to kimono-making.

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