Segments in this Video

Fear of Popular Uprising (02:55)


On December 5th, 1989, Vladimir Putin burns secret KGB documents as citizens of Dresden protest. He bluffs to convince the mob to disperse.

Absolute Control (03:09)

People disappear from Moscow streets on Putin's inauguration day. Riot police arrest the opposition at Jean-Jacques café. Putin controls the television and can make rapid decisions that affect the country.

Donald Trump Wins the Election (04:34)

Moscow celebrates Hillary Clinton's defeat. Dmitry Peskov denies Russian intervention in the election. The fall of the Soviet Union and appreciation for democracy humiliates Putin.

Political Aspirations (03:22)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Putin becomes deputy mayor of Saint Petersburg and commissions a documentary. Boris Yeltsin is unstable and the economy for average citizens plummets; he retires and gives control to the prime minister.

Changing Russia (02:15)

Putin reassures the people, visits soldiers fighting in the Chechen War, and raises morale. George Bush publicly praises Putin.

Growing Animosity (05:12)

On the campaign trail, Clinton attests that Putin does not possess a soul and is a bully. During the Arab Spring, Putin fears the same fate of Hosni Mubarak, Bashir al-Assad, and Muammar Gaddafi. Clinton accuses the Russian government of ballot stuffing.

Leveraging Disadvantage into Victory (05:01)

Putin blames the protests on Clinton and wins. The U.S. concludes the Russian president authorized a campaign to influence the American election. WikiLeaks reveals embarrassing e-mails sent by the Clinton campaign.

Rumors of Murder (07:20)

After leading the Russian opposition movement in 2011, Boris Nemtsov becomes a shooting victim. John McCain calls Putin a murderer on "Face the Nation." Some suspect Putin's involvement with the deaths of Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko.

Putin's Popularity (04:20)

Putin's approval rating reaches 86%; he is a master of the machismo image. Presidential focuses include social spending, an austerity program, currency, and inflation. By conquering a portion of Ukraine, Russians gain nationalistic pride.

Final Thoughts (03:23)

Putin exercises unconstrained power. In the last 100 years, Russia has experienced the fall of the Czar, democracy, communism, and totalitarian regimes as well as two World Wars and the Great Depression. (Credits)

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Fareed Zakaria searches for answers to these essential questions: What is the true nature of the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin – and, what are the implications of their relationship for the world?

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