Segments in this Video

Convening at Space City (03:30)


David McKenzie meets Shenzhou 10 mission astronauts; they discuss docking procedures. Nie Haisheng and Wang Yaping describe extensive training and equipment testing in preparation for flight.

Space Mission: Prelaunch (03:50)

Yaping discusses women's roles in China's space program. Zhang Xiaoguang describes staying persistent despite uncertainty. The crew explains launch preparation, and potential problems that could cancel the flight.

International Influence (03:05)

Shenzhou crafts borrowed heavily from Soviet technology. Mao Zedong cancelled his initial space program because of the Cultural Revolution. The program relaunched in 1992.

United States Exclusion (02:10)

The Chinese space program is not affiliated with NASA or the International Space Station. Haisheng and Xiaoguang discuss participating in global projects and the benefits of collaboration.

Astronaut Dispositions (03:58)

Haisheng describes crew personalities; Xiaoguang asserts the benefits of humor in high stress situations. Yaping is famous for live science lectures from space.

Space Mission: Orbit (04:08)

Haisheng explains how he became an astronaut and describes the view of the Earth from space. The crew discusses zero gravity and expresses a desire for another mission.

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It is the Chinese government’s most ambitious and expensive project ever undertaken, part of a secretive wing of the People’s Liberation army. They call it Project 921—the manned space program of China. In a world exclusive CNN special, David McKenzie takes you inside Space City, reveals footage from inside China’s space program, and sits down with three of China’s most celebrated astronauts.

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