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North Korea (02:50)


Society is in a constant state of war readiness; most people will serve in the Korean People's Army during their early adult years. The Korean War is the catalyst for American hatred; children learn hatred at a young age.

Government Control (03:20)

Government minders monitor Will Ripley and his film crew throughout the country; high school kids share their perceptions of Americans. Ripley tours Songdowon International Children's Camp; North Korean society centers around its leaders.

Wonsan, North Korea (05:18)

Ripley travels to the city known for seafood, fishing, and missile launching; Kim Jong-un quickly advances missile and nuclear programs. North Koreans support their government's actions. The lights in Wonsan stay on 24 hours a day.

Demilitarized Zone (05:08)

Ripley passes through a countryside containing land mines and visits a souvenir shop containing anti-American items. He explains the DMZ and tries to find common ground with a North Korean soldier. A Kaesong resident wants to go to South Korea.

Pyongyang, North Korea (02:27)

Music plays throughout the city at 5:00 AM. The crew films Denis Rodman's arrival; officials lead American college student Otto Warmbier to a plane. Three Americans remain in North Korean custody.

North Hwanghae Province (06:25)

North Korea struggles to feed its people; 70% do not have a sufficiently diverse diet. Ripley visits a farm and a specially selected family home. The government tightly controls the media and news in North Korea.

Public Pyongyang (04:39)

Soldiers practice countless hours for demonstrations; women wave flags to motivate citizens. Kim Jong-un supports modern city buildings. Ripley visits a technology store; most residents can only access a state controlled intranet.

Pyongyang Consumerism (01:59)

Ripley visits a department store; China trades heavily with North Korea. Art in North Korea is state sanctioned. The consumer class grows and living standards improve.

Samjiyon County (08:23)

The crew flies aboard a plane that has been in use for 50 years to visit Mount Paektu. Ripley sees state propaganda, travels to a rural village, and visits a cabin slated as Gen. Kim Jong-il's birthplace. He considers the future.

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With tensions near boiling point and most Americans now banned from visiting North Korea, CNN cameras go inside the secretive nation to places few outsiders have ever seen. Reported by CNN international correspondent Will Ripley – who has been to North Korea 15 times in the last three years

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