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Vertical Integrated City (04:17)


Wong Mun Summ designed PARKROYAL on Pickering with nature in mind; he plans to build a tower that has a 750% green plot ratio. Tanjong Pagar Center will house 222 hotel rooms, 181 homes, restaurants, offices, and retail space; it will be one of three centers within the CBD.

Jurong Island (04:41)

Jurong is an integral part of Singapore's energy and chemical industries. Developers expand the complex by building underground. David Tan leads Andrew Stevens on a tour through the rock caverns.

Aging Demographic (03:49)

Singapore is densely populated, with 80% of people living in public housing; the number of elderly will triple in 15 years. Ng Kim Chu recovers from a stroke and rehabs at home. Telehealth helps seniors reduce doctor's office visits.

Changi Airport (03:18)

The airport will house a forest with a 40-meter rain vortex. Developers will also expand the airport with terminals four and five; Singapore wants to accommodate 130 million passengers a year.

Student Projects (05:06)

Students at Nanyang Technological University design and build a solar-powered electric car; they use a 3D printer to make parts. Students at TUM Create design an electric taxi. Stevens test drives the solar-powered car and recaps topics in this video.

Credits: Future Cities Singapore (00:13)

Credits: Future Cities Singapore

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By the year 2050, 75% of us will live in cities. How will we live, work, and breathe? The city-state of Singapore has been grappling with that very question for decades. Now celebrating 50 years as an independent nation, and home to more than 5 million people, with literally nowhere to grow, its leaders are looking for new ways to tackle the challenges of rapid urbanization and an aging population. CNN's Future Cities goes inside major infrastructure projects that are in the pipeline, and meets the people and planners behind them, in order to learn about their vision and the challenges of planning for the future.

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