Segments in this Video

Antarctic Journey (04:07)


Greenpeace activists and crew members load supplies aboard the Arctic Sunrise; Capt. Daniel Rizzotti outlines the course. The ship arrives in the Antarctic and the crew must be careful not to contaminate the ecosystem.

Yankee Harbor (05:43)

The crew goes ashore where penguins and seals traverse the shoreline; cooling chambers are necessary to mitigate global warming. Marine microbiologist Sandra Schottner encounters unexpected life along the ocean floors. Experts find microplastics in the waters and in the Antarctic clam.

Paradise Bay (04:46)

The Arctic Sunrise navigates heavy snowfall to reach the bay. A pod of whales feasts on krill; fishermen catch krill throughout the summer. Krill plays a significant role in combating climate change; Greenpeace wants restrictions on krill fisheries.

Antarctic Ecosystem (02:10)

A study shows ice loss has tripled, causing ocean water levels to rise. Experts test for polyfluorinated alkyl substances in the snow.

Awareness Campaign (02:53)

Greenpeace members spend weeks or months aboard the Arctic Sunrise; their mission is to protect environmental areas and species. Members often board other ships and structures; they track a Ukrainian fishing vessel.

Fishing Protest (04:11)

Greenpeace members place their inflatable boat between the Ukrainian fishing vessel and a reefer, in an attempt to block a shipment. Activists climb ropes and the Ukrainian captain warns them he will go full speed. Damon reflects on the Antarctic.

Credits: Expedition Antarctic (00:10)

Credits: Expedition Antarctic

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In Expedition Antarctic, CNN's Arwa Damon and Brice Laine spent nearly a month on an ice-breaking vessel to explore the harsh but fragile beauty of the Antarctic, where researchers are finding it to be a vital buffer to climate change.

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