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Philippines Archipelago (05:54)


The archipelago has over 7,000 islands and is home to 11 million people. Tourism makes a significant contribution to the GDP. Thousands attend the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Island of Palawan (04:59)

The Philippines coastline stretches more than 36,000 kilometers; Palawan is a popular destination. Agriculture and fishing are main industries. Palaweno Brewery is the Philippines' first craft brewery.

Local Attractions (04:02)

Approximately 15 billion coconuts grow in the Philippines each year. The Chocolate Hills of Bohol have over 1,000 mounds. The Philippine Tarsier Foundation supports conservation of the endangered species.

Volcanic Islands (02:47)

Taal is an active volcano and listed as one of the world's most dangerous. Taal Lake is a major tourist attraction; hikers admire the view.

Underwater Landscape and Sagada (05:03)

The Philippines is a top destination for divers. Sagada is home to the Applai Kankanaey. Tourists admire the waterfalls, rice terraces, and hanging coffins.

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Destination Philippines

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Island-hopping is a popular pastime for tourists. But what do you do with over 7,000 islands to choose from? That's the happy challenge facing any visitor to the Philippines. Renowned for its tropical climate and beautiful beaches, there's so much more to discover in this culturally rich Southeast Asian archipelago. From the geological wonder that is Taal Volcano to the world-renowned hot air balloon fiesta, tourists have a wealth of options to choose from. Need a refreshing drink? The Philippines' first craft brewery just happens to be on the paradise island of Palawan. Or for those looking for a more unusual experience, visit the hanging coffins of Sagada, and a wildlife sanctuary for protecting tarsiers—one of the smallest primates in the world.

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