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What Is Anxiety? (01:10)


Anxiety is a fear of the future when the body and mind feel under threat. Once a survival technique it becomes a problem when it holds individuals back from succeeding.

What Causes Anxiety? (01:23)

Neurochemical imbalances created by lifestyle, diet, and environmental issues are the expression of the problem. Contributors include rushing, traffic, frustration, and media. Citizens live in a chronic fight or flight response.

Medication and Natural Remedies (03:54)

Psychiatry is over focused on treating pharmacologically. Doctors discuss alternative health options. Sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, and spirit are the five pillars of health. Natural remedies include meditation and yoga.

Body: Exercise, Diet, and More (05:41)

People are not genetically engineered to sit all day; yoga relaxes the body and cultivates nervous system flexibility. Diet is the main controller of epigenetics; fruits and vegetables can improve anxiety states. Caffeine and sugar worsen the fight or flight response.

Functional Medicine Testing: Gut, Allergies, and Nutritional Deficiencies (04:47)

Chronic anxious states affect gut ecology; eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce sugars. Gluten or dairy sensitivities can contribute to mental health symptoms. Vitamin B deficiencies and pyroluria can lead to a fight or flight response.

Natural Medicine (04:31)

Experts recommend Cannabidiol, L-Theanine, GABA, Inositol, passion flower, valerian, kava kava, and fish oils. Alternative medicine options include biofeedback, acupuncture, and homeopathy.

Mind (05:15)

Anxious people experience anxiety about becoming anxious. Self-esteem issues and traumas can cause rumination. Psychotherapy can help provide alternative thoughts and reprogram an individual's brain.

Spirit (05:11)

Meditation and mindfulness help control the mind. Study an individual's relationship to the high anxiety state; spirit can have a religious overlay. Experts share why they prefer natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.

Credits: Feel Calm: Natural Remedies for Anxiety - College and Youth Version (00:37)

Credits: Feel Calm: Natural Remedies for Anxiety - College and Youth Version

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Feel Calm: Natural Remedies for Anxiety - College and Youth Version

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This lively program examines powerful natural remedies for anxiety. It offers valuable tips from best-selling authors, medical professionals, and experts in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and more. 

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