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Clothing and Textile Industry (03:29)


The industry is a multi-billion dollar business that benefits from technological developments. Today's designers can access a variety of looms. The U.K. encourages new design talent.

Textile Fusion (03:05)

Developments in fabric design provide a more streamlined workplace. Smart fabric incorporates metal threads with traditional materials. Katherine Buszaki incorporates fiber optics into fabrics for window coverings.

UV-Protection (02:09)

Scientists in Hong Kong create a fabric resistant to ultraviolet rays; evidence suggests it will not cause a skin allergy.

Gadgets and Clothing (03:25)

Julieta Gayoso manufactures high-tech clothing; a solar panel jacket that charges phones and MP3 players is her signature item. Pants have built-in wireless control devices.

Interactive Clothing (02:07)

A company in France produces clothing, bags, and satchels that display text messages.

Bulletproof Clothing (02:06)

Miguel Caballero designs an array of clothing made with a lightweight, bulletproof fabric. In 2005, Caballero's company receives a nomination for best business idea in the world.

Space Travel and Fashion (02:07)

Designers in Japan create fashionable clothing for space tourism. Fashion show attendees reflect on the suit designs.

Design for the Future (03:18)

Advancements in the fashion industry constantly evolve. A jacket designed for joggers is a safety feature. The "Hug Shirt" generates a series of vibrations. Contemporary design is diverse.

Credits: Textiles and Design (00:26)

Credits: Textiles and Design

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Textiles and Design

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Exploring the first powered looms through to graphic design and fiber optics, this video takes viewers on a journey through the innovations across the design and textile industry. It looks at how the industry has pushed its way into the 21st century by keeping up with trends and consumer demand. It discusses changes in fashion, interiors, and textiles and technological developments within the realm of design that have led to a more efficient and innovative industry.

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