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Prodrive Motorsport (02:06)


Workers rebuild cars to withstand the rigors of rally racing; every model is based on a mass production car. The X28 is built to win.

X28 Rally Car (03:53)

The X28 has an aluminum engine and afterburner; rally engines need as much heat as possible in the cylinders. Experts design car components to last a few thousand kilometers; see testing.

Monte Carlo Rally: Day One (04:56)

Two cars blow their engines. The X28's cylinders are laid flat and the drive runs down the middle of the car. Tire choice is a risky decision.

Racing Challenges (02:57)

Tommi Makinen spins on the ice and loses time. The team makes changes to the car, including new disc brakes. Day one ends and the team prepares for day two.

Monte Carlo Rally: Day Two (06:04)

Fourteen leading contenders remain in the rally. Drivers navigate mountain stages at an average of 90 kph. The X28 has a computerized traction system; Tommi Makinen pushes the car to the limits.

Monte Carlo Rally: Final Day (06:08)

The team replaces the gearbox in the X28. Workers at Prodrive Motorsport construct hydraulically controlled gearboxes. Makinen pushes the car to its limits and wins the rally.

Credits: Driven to Destruction (00:42)

Credits: Driven to Destruction

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Behind the glamorous façade of the Monte Carlo Rally, there are teams of engineers and technicians who toil to produce cars with a competitive advantage. Designed to last only three days, this program profiles the design and technology behind Subaru’s latest rally vehicle, the X28. Based on mass-market production cars, the X28 is been almost entirely redesigned to that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in three seconds. This video examines how the turbo charger works in a rally engine, looks at tire and brake technology, considers how the computerized traction system works, and shows the hydraulic gearbox technology operated via the steering wheel.

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