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Introduction: Biodegradable (01:23)


The global population is expected to reach nine billion in the next 50 years. Cities consume 75% of resources and discharge 75% of all waste, despite occupying 2% of Earth's land; pollution has a negative impact.

Environmental Movement (03:21)

The electron capture leads to the Green Revolution; pollution affects ecology around the world. Prof. James Lovelock discusses the Gaia Theory. Natural systems-based sustainable solutions are essential for future development.

Urban Ecology (02:24)

We currently use six tons of building materials per person, per year; buildings use 50% of all energy. Battersea Power Station is part of the movement to save energy; buildings should be recycled.

Recycled Buildings (03:20)

Flexible design and recycling saves energy and resources; the Lloyd's Building is designed for reuse. Incorporating services to the outside is a practical characteristic; hear features of Lloyd's Register Shipping. Architects are responsible for environmental impact.

Transportation System (03:51)

The fastest growing contributor to climate change is traffic. Fuel cells power some vehicles; hydrogen does not contain carbon. Fuel cells can also generate electricity for industry, domestic power, and boats.

Clean, Renewable Energy (03:41)

The world population consumes 18 million, million kW hours of energy every year; 80% causes pollution. Solar power is a viable option; experts experiment with solar panels around the world

Sustainable Lifestyles? (04:50)

Hope House has a green design is the blueprint for BedZED. Hear concepts for the zero emissions housing development. Experts explain the Eden Project.

Future Design (01:59)

New technologies allow us to move toward a sustainable future. Experts reflect on possible materials and design; everyone needs to participate in behavior changes.

Credits: Building the Future (00:42)

Credits: Building the Future

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This video explores techniques for creating more sustainable cities, as builders and developers try to maintain a balance between the exploitation and conservation of natural resources. It looks at the recycling of old structures into new flexible designs, the use of long-lasting materials, making buildings energy efficient, the use of photo-voltaic cells in power distribution systems, and the use of fuel cell technology.

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