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Well Fashioned Eco Style (02:50)


The exhibition in London highlights environmentally friendly fashion. Materials include hemp, PEVA, organic cotton, and polyester. Rebecca Earley redesigns old clothing into new items.

Cool Biz Fashion (03:34)

Asian officials walk the catwalk dressed in casual business attire to kick off an energy saving campaign. Environmental Minister Yuriko Koike discusses dressing for the Asian climate. Office personnel and government officials take steps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Creative Recycling (02:59)

Manila citizens produce 6,000 tons of refuse daily, but only 4,000 tons are collected. Andy and Editha Santiago repurpose solid waste products; Doypacks are the most profitable collection.

Compostable Clothing (02:26)

U.S. manufacturers produce corn-based garments, including biodegradable socks. Francis Davis discusses launching the hosiery in Japan.

CYCLUS Eco Design (03:52)

Jorge Burgos and Ximena Velez repurpose various waste products into fashion items. The products are readily accepted by the public.

Triumph International (02:01)

The lingerie company produces an eco-friendly bra as part of an anti-global warming campaign. Japan is one of the largest consumers of plastic bags.

Fabrications (02:16)

Every item in the store is made from discarded products; they are ethical and ecological.

Cyber Fashion Gala (01:08)

Designers label their creations as "smart clothes." The clothes have computers that can light up, change colors, and provide self-hugs.

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Eco Fashion

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This video examines how waste products are being used to create fashion items, considering the use of hemp, alternatives to PVC, and biodegradable garments made from corn. It looks at a bra made of recycled polyester that can be transformed into a shopping bag, shoes and clothing made from discarded materials, and a trend of casual dressing designed to reduce use of air conditioning.

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