Segments in this Video

HydroGen 1 (03:01)


Experts test a hydrogen powered car capable of meeting everyday driving demands. During an endurance trial, they closely monitor all aspects of performance.

Electrosource and Q-Cars (04:21)

The Frazer Nash Motor Company builds electric vehicles with the latest technology. In Japan, toy maker Takara unveils two electric cars.

Repurposing Household Waste (03:13)

Most domestic refuse is not recycled. The plastics team at Brighton University proves recycled plastics can maintain strength. Workers at London Remade transform glass bottles into floor tiles.

Sekundarrohstoff Verwertungszentrum (04:42)

A German waste processing plant converts carbon-based waste into methanol. Workers process bags of shredded money. Methanol is in many modern products and a potential fuel source.

London Docklands (01:48)

The need for space prompts a revolution of environmentally friendly urban architecture. Recycled shipping containers provide business accommodations.

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Design and the Environment

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This video features five design ideas aimed at helping the environment. It looks at a vehicle design enabling cars to run on hydrogen, electric vehicles, recycling techniques, ethanol, and the use of shipping containers as buildings.

Length: 18 minutes

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