Segments in this Video

Welding Overview (02:05)


Welders find jobs in the transportation and construction industries.

Basic Welding Processes (04:12)

Different types of welding processes are explained and demonstrated: metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), welding arc, gas (oxy-fuel), welding defects, welding tests, oxy-fuel cutting, propane torch, and plasma arc cutter.

Arc Welding Radiation (03:20)

Welders must protect themselves from the brightness and danger of light emitted from arc welders. Low-level radiation poses a threat. Protective gear is always necessary.

Welding Fumes (02:37)

Many welding processes produce toxic fumes. OSHA guidelines list permissible exposure limits (PELs). Air-supplied respirators and vacuum systems protect welders in confined spaces. Consult MSDS for materials used in specific welding processes.

Welding Fires and Explosions (02:35)

Welders take steps to protect themselves, equipment, and other workers from flying sparks and explosions during welding processes. Strict safety procedures must be followed in all steps of welding processes.

Gas Welding Safety (03:04)

Welding tanks are handled with great care. High-pressure gas explosions cause fatalities. Safety procedures are demonstrated from beginning to end of gas welding processes.

General Welding Safety (01:41)

Always follow the equipment manufacturer's directions. Welders take special care of clothing and personal safety equipment such as gloves, insulated platforms. Welding processes require careful, detailed thinking about safety.

Credits: Welding Safety (01:45)

Credits: Welding Safety

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Welding Safety

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This video covers the most important safety rules and protective equipment to use when performing MIG, TIG, arc, and gas welding. Welding helmets and their lens ratings, leather aprons and gloves, welding gas respirators, heat shields, and fire extinguishers are discussed, and various types of welders, including plasma cutters, are illustrated. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. Part 2 of the Safety and Technology Series. (22 minutes)

Length: 22 minutes

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“Correlated to several standards, including those for math, science, and English, these DVDs provide teachers with the step-by-step guidelines for student safety while meeting specific instructional objectives....Educators required to provide safety instruction for vocational/technology education programs will find that this series addresses the specific objectives in the safe use of dangerous equipment while providing additional resources to enhance the curriculum content.”  Library Media Connection

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