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Introduction: Theater Lessons: The Actor/Director Creative Process (03:50)


"Impossible Choice" tackles issues facing the LGBTQ community in a coming-of-age story. Within "The Play Within," two actors portray Tyler Clementi and Matthew Shepard. Mark Cole attempts to mount a live production.

Casting (02:50)

Ryan Smith researched Clementi for the audition. The actors read for their roles; Cole informs them he will make a decision in a day or two.

Rehearsals: Day 1 (02:58)

The cast travels from Oswego to Syracuse. During the table read, Cole discusses the roles and how he wants the actors to pick compelling choices.

Rehearsals: Day 2 (03:13)

Nicholas Cocks and Smith read through the script. The actors play some theatrical games and perform the announcer's test. Cole is pleased when Cocks follows through on his impulse to hug Smith during the scene.

Rehearsals: Day 3 (02:45)

Cole blocks the scene. The actors discuss their character's motivations.

Rehearsals: Day 4 (02:20)

The invitations went out for the performance via e-mail. The actors rehearse a scene.

Rehearsals: Day 5 (02:00)

Cole and the actors fix some blocking issues and rehearse a scene.

Rehearsals: Day 6 (02:38)

Cocks performs a line-thru with Cole and rehearses alone.

Rehearsals: Day 7 (02:07)

The actors perform a line-thru to ensure accuracy then rehearse. Cole urges them to slow down their waltz.

Rehearsals: Day 8 (01:58)

Cole urges the actors to not stress their vowels. Smith is a method actor.

Rehearsals: Day 9 (02:09)

The actors prepare for rehearsal. Smith and Cocks perform a line thru. Cole wants the actors to raise the stakes.

Rehearsals: Day 10 (02:28)

Activists wear angel wings in solidarity. Smith and Cocks perform a run-through. Cole gives the actors notes.

Rehearsals: Day 11 and 12 (Dress Rehearsals) (03:05)

The actors perform the first and final dress rehearsal. Cole provides direction and gives notes.

Opening Night (03:31)

Dr. David Keith recommends that his coworkers attend the play. Smith discusses Cole's directorial style.

Credits: Theater Lessons: The Actor/Director Creative Process (00:34)

Credits: Theater Lessons: The Actor/Director Creative Process

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Theater Lessons: The Actor/Director Creative Process

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This documentary follows theater director Mark Cole as he works with two college students preparing a play based on a film adaptation. The program introduces the viewer to the relevant scenes from the feature film followed by casting auditions and the thirteen weeks of rehearsals. Nothing is staged by the film crew. Audiences are exposed to script analysis, table reads, blocking, character development, and the details of the acting and directorial roles in bringing a play to life.

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