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Industrial Designer: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:41)


Eric Schneider is the president/founder of Phase One Design and teaches at Thomas Jefferson University. Industrial designers attempt to make products usable, desirable, and safe.

Industrial Designer: Career Beginnings (00:54)

Schneider planned to become an industrial designer since high school. He worked on sewing machines, toys, appliances, and games before creating a consulting firm.

Industrial Designer: Keys to Success (01:19)

Industrial designers need to solve problems creatively, possess drawing skills, and be an analytical objective thinker. Traits include being organized and empathetic.

Industrial Designer: Education and Certification Requirements (01:29)

There is no certification or licensing for industrial designers. There are conferences, clinics, and new software for continued learning.

Industrial Designer: Workplace Atmosphere (01:52)

Collaboration is critical for success; travel and extra hours are involved. The internet has broadened Phase One Design's portfolio. Workplaces are designed to be environmental and funky.

Industrial Designer: Advice for Aspiring Pros (02:08)

A desire to learn how things are made and attention to detail are critical to success. Gain an understanding of the history of design by visiting museums like the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper Hewitt. Drawing is a fundamental skill and many designers draw inspiration from work in other art disciplines.

Industrial Designer: A Day on the Job (02:40)

No two days are exactly alike. Schneider performs research, develops concepts, and then presents ideas to a client using drawings, models, and animation. After feedback, industrial designers will create a 3D CAD model, pick screws, and choose hardware.

Industrial Designer: Industry Goals and Services (01:15)

Industrial designers want to make products that are desirable, easy to use, and make individuals want to purchase another product from the manufacturer. Schneider wants users to be satisfied.

Industrial Designer: Industry Challenges (02:09)

Keeping up with the current pace of technology is difficult. Other challenges include open-source products and sustainability.

Industrial Designer: Looking at the Future (03:47)

The pace of new product development cycle will continue to accelerate. Car companies are starting to use virtual reality. Lines will continue to blur between prototype and production.

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What is it like to be an Industrial Designer? In this Career Q&A video interview, Eric Schneider talks about his career path, what he does on the job, and the keys to success as an industrial designer. He also offers candid advice on breaking into the profession as well as insight into the industry’s biggest challenges and how the field may change in the next ten years.

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