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"Cotton Mill Girl" (03:55)


Dave Holt visits North Carolina’s historic Glencoe Mill where raw cotton was spun, dyed, and woven into fabric starting in 1880. There he meets Alice Gerrard, Rayna Gellert, and Laurelyn Dossett, three generations of women who are making significant contributions to old-time music.

"Calling Me Home" (05:41)

Gerrard recalls discovering old-time music and folk at Antioch College in the 1950s, being influenced by Harry Smith’s “American Folk Music” anthology, and lessons she learned from singer-songwriter Hazel Dickens. She sings the title track of her 2002 album.

"Swannanoa Waltz" (04:28)

Gellert discusses the influence of her father, fiddler and banjo player Dan Gellert; her obsession with old-time fiddle playing; and the origins of her song, “Swannanoa Waltz,” which she performs with Gerrard and Dossett.

"Leaving Eden" (06:09)

Dossett recalls growing up in church, where she learned to sing harmony, and attending Penn State University, where she was exposed Lynn Morris’s band, Whetstone Run. She, Gellert, and Gerrard perform a song inspired by the closing of the last cotton mill in Eden, North Carolina.

"Payday at the Mill" (03:45)

Holt outlines the impact cotton mills had on the development of music in the 1920s and 1930s, a time when Charlie Poole’s North Carolina Ramblers, J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers, the Dickson Brothers, and the Carolina Buddies were popular. Gerrard performs with Holt, Gellert, and Dossett.

Credits: Glencoe Mill - Alice Gerrard, Rayna Gellert and Laurelyn Dossett (00:29)

Credits: Glencoe Mill - Alice Gerrard, Rayna Gellert and Laurelyn Dossett

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Glencoe Mill - Alice Gerrard, Rayna Gellert and Laurelyn Dossett

Part of the Series : David Holt's State of Music, Season 2
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David Holt, the host of David Holt's State of Music, visits North Carolina's historic Glencoe Mill. There he chats and plays mill songs with bluegrass legend Alice Gerrard, singer-songwriter Laurelyn Dossett and fiddle virtuoso Rayna Gellert.

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