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Introduction: Johannesburg (00:59)


This segment orients viewers to artists from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Robin Rhode (13:32)

Rhode, a multidisciplinary artist, leads a crew of “art soldiers” in completing an interactive mural project. He visits the neighborhood where he grew up and discusses artistic roots and influences. Viewers meet collaborators and tour his Berlin studio.

David Goldblatt (14:04)

The photographer discusses becoming enamored with bleak landscapes of the gold-mining area and the rise of Apartheid. He visits Boksburg, a frequent subject of his photography, and discusses censorship.

Zanele Muholi (13:59)

The photographer reflects on her Malawian-Zulu background, photographic philosophy, and depiction of LGBTQ subjects. She discusses her series “Somnyama Ngonyama," “Faces and Phases,” and “Brave Beauties.”

Nicholas Hlobo (11:47)

The sculptor describes his philosophy behind “Zawelela ngale.” He recalls growing up in the Transkei region of South Africa, where he was somewhat sheltered from Apartheid. He visits Harlem to prepare a show on religious imperialism.

Credits: Johannesburg (00:43)

Credits: Johannesburg

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Artists David Goldblatt, Nicholas Hlobo, Zanele Muholi and Robin Rhode use their work in photography, painting, sculpture and performance to empower marginalized communities, reexamine history, and pursue their visions for the future.

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