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Sandra Bland (04:49)


Bland describes how white people do not understand the difficulties of being black in America. A state trooper arrests Bland for assault during a routine traffic stop. An investigation ensues after her death three days later. (Credits)

Bland's Purpose (03:15)

Geneva Reed-Veal describes how Bland felt her purpose was to stop injustices in Texas. She returns five days before her incarceration. R. Glenn Smith is devastated over the death at Waller County Jail.

Cell Phone Video (03:15)

A bystander video of Bland lying on the ground while police arrest her goes viral. Cannon Lambert learns that Bland died and is compelled to help the family.

Information Discrepancies (03:41)

Officials tell Bland's family to come to Texas and they will receive proof that she committed suicide. The video tape does not possess timestamps and there are no cameras in the cell Bland occupied. Rangers inform the family that Bland made 21 phone calls but cannot attest to which pay phone she utilized.

Bland's Arrest (05:12)

The family and Lambert view the dashcam footage of the traffic stop. State Trooper Brian Encinia slaps Bland and arrests her.

Causes of Death (02:29)

Bland calls her sister; she needs $500 for bond on Saturday. District Attorney Elton Mathis gives a press conference explaining the death will be investigated as a homicide. The family orders an independent autopsy and returns home to Illinois.

Exploring Black History (04:38)

In her video blog, Bland explores the DuSable museum and notable African Americans of the Chicago area. Prairie View A&M University gives Bland a music scholarship. Friends describe how Waller County is over-policed and the government operates in a "good ole boy" system.

"Sandy Speaks" (05:19)

After returning from Texas, Bland works odd jobs trying to find her identity. The activist shoots her first vlog about teaching children how to interact with police. Other vlog topics include drug dealers, black-on-black crime, and loving white people.

Job Opportunity (02:55)

Bland leaves without saying goodbye to her family to attend an interview in Texas. She records a vlog about the importance of natural hair. Bland receives a job offer the day of her arrest.

Charges Against Bland (03:56)

State Trooper Brian Encinia states his safety was in jeopardy. Bland is charged with felony assault on a public servant. Most bondsman charge 10%.

Bland's Death (04:39)

Waller County does not notify Geneva Reed-Veal of her daughter's death. Latoya Smith describes racial unrest in the country. Activists utilize social media to create awareness; protestors demonstrate outside the Waller County jail.

Burial Preparations (02:55)

Elton Mathis asks Lambert if the autopsy report is back and alleges there were drugs in Bland's system at the time of death. A body is never released to the family if more tests are necessary.

Bland's Funeral (02:33)

Mourners attend the service. The pastor delivers a sermon at Dupage AME Church in Naperville Illinois.

Grand Jury Panel (06:21)

Mathis asks several district attorneys of different ethnicities and genders to review the evidence. The District Attorney can select what to submit. The prosecutors include a toxicology report.

Legal Action Against Waller County (05:29)

The lawyer prepares to file a suit for wrongful death and a violation of constitutional rights. Missing evidence includes gastric content and the ligature. The family gives a press conference with their legal team.

Mental Health Report (04:22)

Waller County releases the intake form in which Bland confesses she tried to commit suicide. Bland suffers a miscarriage the previous year. Marland Brazier describes how she had found her purpose in life to advocate for those who undergo police brutality.

Police Cover-Up? (03:22)

In 2010, authorities arrested Bland for a DWI and possession of marijuana. Videos on YouTube suggest that Bland was deceased prior to arriving at jail. The district attorney and sheriffs receive death threats.

Protestors at the Jail (04:40)

The use of bullhorns prevents 911 dispatchers from hearing incoming calls. The family shares photographs of Bland. Lambert receives death threats.

Motion of Dismissal (04:29)

Waller County claims Bland's inability to bond out of jail led to suicide. Protests occur in Houston, Chicago, New York, and Dallas. In an independent autopsy, Dr. Joye Carter discovers scrapes and blunt force to the back of Bland's body.

Grand Jury Investigations (09:04)

Encinia is charged with perjury. Reporters debate whether arrogance caused the altercation at the traffic stop. Dr. Carter reveals that drug use was not excessive and there was evidence of deep bruising, but it was not a homicidal hanging.

Justice for Sandra Bland (04:45)

Protestors in New York mourn the loss of those who died from police brutality. Mathis explains that Bland was in solitary confinement because she was the only female under that felony classification. Officers took her down immediately to perform CPR; jail logs were filled with false information.

Mediation (02:57)

The court orders the family and Waller County officials to undergo mediation. Lambert watched 130 hours of video and never saw an individual enter or exit Bland's cell. The trash bag did not have her fingerprints or DNA..

Legal Settlement (06:02)

The family agrees to a $1.9 million settlement and police de-escalation training. Reed-Veal addresses the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus. The Sandra Bland Act mandates state-wide reform to increase inmate safety.

Credits: Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland (01:29)

Credits: Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland

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On July 10, 2015, Sandra Bland, a vibrant 28-year-old African American from Chicago, was arrested for a traffic violation in a small Texas town. After three days in custody, she was found hanging from a noose in her cell. Bland’s death was quickly ruled a suicide, sparking allegations of a murder and cover-up, and turning her case and name into a rallying cry nationwide. From the Oscar®-nominated, Emmy®- and Peabody Award-winning team of directors/producers Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland examines this story in depth, revealing previously unknown details. The film follows the Bland family and legal team from the first weeks after her death as they try to find out what really happened in that jail cell in Texas. Embedded with the family and their lawyers, the filmmakers tracked the story for two years, drawing on key documents, jail footage and interviews with those closest to the events.

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