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Satellite Internet (08:19)


The rise of smartphones and digital communication has established a need for internet satellites. The accessibility of internet through satellites has allowed it to reach places like cruise ships. Royal Caribbean Cruises had three satellites to provide high-speed internet to thousands of passengers at a time.

Digitization of Industry (04:57)

The commonality of digital communication has led to the product producers using more digital marketing. Luxembourg-based SES monitors a fleet of communication satellites with various functions.

In-Flight Internet (05:33)

In-flight internet is common on most commercial airlines in the United States. An aviation company in Illinois is developing satellite antennas to provide internet to more aircrafts.

Global Connectivity (05:13)

Satellite internet is helping spread connectivity to remote places throughout the world. Online medical and educational programs are being used in remote communities in Africa. Digital technology is becoming more important for international businesses.

Credits: The Future of Communication (00:06)

Credits: The Future of Communication

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The Future of Communication 

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The rise of our digitalization society has created a need for more satellite internet. SES, in Luxembourg, manages a fleet of communication satellites providing internet to remote villages in Africa, commercial airplanes in the United States, and cruise ships in the Caribbean.

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