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Cyberbullying (01:49)


More than two million students are bullied each year and more than 4,000 high school students commit suicide because of it. Cyberbullying is becoming one of the most common types of bullying, affecting one in four students.

The Bully Reinvented (05:58)

At age 15 Jacob Zellemen started an online community to educate students about cyberbullying, but became a victim himself. The Internet gives bullies a sense of anonymity and power because they do not have to face their victims. Bullying is no longer limited to school because of the internet and smartphones.

The Breaking Point (05:32)

The availability of school programs about bullying can help victims whose situations are critical. Zellemen never thought to tell an adult; his parents found out after they saw him self-harming. Bullied teens can struggle to envision their lives beyond their current situation and may see suicide as the only way out.

The Bottom Line (04:02)

School administrators and legislators began passing stricter bullying policies and laws as teen suicide rates rose. New Jersey passed a law that requires all bullying cases be reported to the state, which can lead to criminal charges. It also educates students and teachers about bullying and what they can do if they see signs of bullying.

The Solution (04:42)

Zellemen gives presentations about cyberbullying to students. Education and promoting an understanding about the harm bullying can cause can help prevent it.

Credits: Bullied (00:06)

Credits: Bullied

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More than 2.1 million children are bullied every year. About 4,400 high school students commit suicide. Victims often do not know where to turn. This film is their chance to be heard.

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