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Becoming a Drug Dealer (04:00)


Cory Pegues recalls when his father left the family in the 1970s; he formed close bonds with his friends June and Due. They started selling crack as teenagers, oblivious to the danger. His mother feared for his life.

Organized Crime (03:10)

Corey describes an incident where his brother-in-law stabbed some men who had attacked him. At 17, he joined The Supreme Team, a major drug operation in Queens. After being ordered to kill someone, he decided to disappear.

Becoming a Cop (03:07)

Corey enlisted the military and later joined the NYPD; fellow officers recall him retaining his street cred. He was more comfortable spending time with his childhood friends and did not change his attitude or personality.

Moving Up the Ranks (03:13)

As Corey was promoted to become the NYPD's first black precinct commander, he remained a positive presence in his Queens neighborhoods.

Disgraced "Crack" Cop (04:56)

Corey suffered a back injury and was forced to retire from the NYPD in 2013. He began sharing his story of selling drugs before joining the force. His former colleagues denounced him and the NYPD threatened to remove his pension.

Sharing a Second Chance at Life (04:39)

In 2016, Corey's book "Once a Cop" was published, despite the NYPD's boycotting efforts. Since his retirement, he has been encouraging young African-American men to turn away from violence and crime. In 2014, he sued the NYPD for defamation and civil rights violations. (Credits)

Credits: Cops And Robbers (00:07)

Credits: Cops And Robbers

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Growing up in Jamaica, Queens in the '70s and '80s, Corey Pegues played Cops and Robbers like all the other kids on the block but he never expected to become both. A spirited child, he came of age surrounded by his mother and sisters’ love and by true friendship on the basketball court. He also had to learn to navigate a world built on street cred, violence, loyalty and the fight for survival. But his true search began the day he decided to run away. Corey Pegues' exceptional life story questions how and why we change? To what extent is personal transformation possible? And who gets a second chance in America?

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