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Directing Motion (03:21)


This video will cover camera moves and cinema language. Vincent Laforet discusses three similar scenes shot over time; people require richer frames as film progresses.

"The Color Purple" (07:16)

Consider the use of motion in a scene from "The Color Purple"; measure a director by whether he or she can suck you into the same scene more than once. Laforet breaks down camera movement and placement in the scene.

Motivated Motion (02:56)

If people are not connecting with what you are shooting, it may be a lack of movement. Laforet highlights movements during a long take in "Band of Brothers."

Cinema Language (09:17)

Laforet explains several terms including locked off, pan, slide, tilt, and boom; he provides cinematic examples.

Cinema Language: II (11:03)

Laforet explains several terms including zoom, pull, push, and tilt up; he provides cinematic examples.

Language and Camera Movement (08:48)

Laforet explains the term dolly and provides cinematic examples that include panning; he cites the use of anticipation. Ask yourself, how do I build and release?

Cinema Language Examples (06:18)

See examples of boom down, crane move, pull, creep, and roll. Laforet discusses rich frames, confusing the audience with motion, forced perspective, and efficient filmmaking.

2D and 3D Moves (05:55)

Movements off of a fixed point include pan, tilt, roll, zoom, push, pull, slide, and boom. Watch a scene from "Empire of the Sun" that applies all the principles. A scene from "The Road to Perdition" applies a series of moves.

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The Language of Camera Motion

Part of the Series : Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion
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At the beginning of the series, Vincent provides an introduction to Directing Motion, and gives a brief history of the evolution of cinematic motion. He instructs you to move from a passive consumer of film to an active student, outlining the tools you need to understand how to energize the frame and further immerse your audience, starting with the language of camera motion and how to describe basic and complex camera moves in both 2D and 3D space.

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