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Blending Natural Light (10:22)


Photographer Stephen Eastwood explains the limitations of using natural light. When sunlight only comes from one side, additional lights can be used on darker or shadowed areas.

White Balance in Daylight (08:15)

Custom white balance gives the photographer more control over the colors in the shot. Eastwood has his set slightly off-white for an outdoor portrait in sunlight. He uses speedlites as fill lights.

Simulating Sunlight (03:35)

Eastwood uses one main light with a gel to create a soft fill. He kept hard shadows in the shot to give it more attitude. Having a consistent background makes it easier for the camera to meter.

Preparing for a Pool Shoot (05:37)

Light hitting ripples in water creates highlights. The sun creates a hard, bright main light source and the sky creates a soft even light. Eastwood uses an umbrella to simulate the effect.

Shooting with a Pool (09:33)

Eastwood adjusts his lights at the pool shoot to reduce the fill light's power and blur the background. He sets his white balance and changes the balance between the main light and the back light.

Artistic Shot (08:34)

Eastwood sets up the lights for a shot down onto a model in water. He removes the filter from the fill light to soften it. He explains the difficulty of directing someone lying in water.

Black and White Shooting (10:44)

Eastwood adjusts his shutter speed to better utilize ambient light. He increases his aperture and darkens the sky for black and white shots.

Creating Sunlight (05:49)

Eastwood adds warm gels to his lights to mimic a hard sunlight. He places a light at eye level to reduce shadows in black and white shots.

Nighttime Shoot (05:18)

Eastwood explains how he lit a nighttime shoot that included city lights. He used grids and fills to soften the lights.

Credits: Outdoor Portraits II (00:34)

Credits: Outdoor Portraits II

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Outdoor Portraits II

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To complete the series, Stephen Eastwood walks us through various outdoor scenarios including a pool, beach, pier, and finishing with an evening city skyline.

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