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Speedlites Outdoors (02:29)


Photographer Stephen Eastwood gives an overview of this video, which covers using speedlites for outdoor portraits. Speedlites can be used to fill in, overpower, supplement, or change the direction of daylight.

Shooting in Bright Sun (08:59)

Eastwood uses shutter speed and high-speed sync to overpower bright sunlight with speedlites. He balances his exposure for the background and the model.

Filling in Daylight (05:41)

Eastwood positions lights to fill bright sunlight for an outdoor portrait. Direct flashes can be used as a main light source outside when the sun is being used as a fill.

Daylight as Back Light (09:03)

Eastwood prepares to use the sun as a back light. He uses an additional back light so he can control the power when needed.

Overpowering Daylight (07:30)

Eastwood creates a clam shell like light by using the sun as a back light and overpowering it. He gives tips on how to direct a model and where to aim the camera when shooting into the sun.

One Main in Sunlight (05:55)

Eastwood uses one main light source to shot on a pier with the background visible in the shot. He has the fill light come in from the same spot to avoid whiting out the sky or water.

Large Scale Lighting (11:30)

Eastwood uses two lights with no filters and a smaller one with a filter for a large outdoor scene. Once the lights are balanced the larger will add a warm orange tint to the shot. He explains how to create different colors with gelled lights.

Credits: Outdoor Portraits (00:02)

Credits: Outdoor Portraits

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Outdoor Portraits

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Stephen Eastwood moves outdoors now, showing us various techniques to use speedlites to either complement or overpower the sun depending on the scenario and style of photo.

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