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Adding Depth (11:58)


Adding shading to two-dimensional objects creates the illusion of depth. Colorist Ollie Kenchington explains how the same principle is used to add depth in film. He uses DaVinci Resolve to relight a shot and enhance the color grading and contrast.

Contrast and Depth (06:14)

Kenchington uses examples from "The Crown" to show how depth is created using contrast. High-contrast points are used to draw the eye into the deepest parts of an interior space.

Credits: Deconstructing Color I (00:01)

Credits: Deconstructing Color I

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Deconstructing Color I

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With production wrapped on the commercial, Ollie Kenchington brings us into the grading suite to discuss how contrast can be introduced in post-production to add depth. He also shows us examples from The Crown to reinforce this.

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