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In-Camera Color Grading (06:32)


Color grading is about creating consistency and neutrality throughout the film. Colorist Ollie Kenchington explains how to add color grading during production. Modern cameras are designed to mimic the human visual system and have settings to compress the dynamic range.

White Balance (04:36)

Kenchington suggests measuring the color temperature because numerous factors can cause it to change. The measurements are used to create the manual white balance for the camera.

Exposure and Colors (04:32)

Kenchington ensures his exposure is correct by viewing his exposure guidance chips in DaVinci Resolve. He sets the hue and saturation for primary and secondary colors using the guidance chips.

Colorist's Role (02:53)

Colorists are expected to know the science behind how images are produced. Some cameras waste large amounts of color while recording, which colorists must understand.

Credits: Color Management (00:01)

Credits: Color Management

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Color Management

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With everything now set to record, Ollie Kenchington focuses on how simple color and contrast management in production can maximize the quality of your digital negative. From using probes to ensure camera monitors are calibrated, to using charts to ensure white balance and contrast are consistent across all cameras, Kenchington shows us his top tips for in-camera color management.

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