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Item #: 168276

Workspace and Workflow

Item #: 168277

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Item #: 168278

Keyboard Shortcuts

Item #: 168279

Improve Your Audio Game

Item #: 168280

Motion Graphics

Item #: 168281

Introduction to Color Correction and Grading

Item #: 168282

The Theory of Editing

Item #: 168283

The Genius of Comedy

Item #: 168284

Career Advice

Item #: 168285

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In this course, Saturday Night Live film unit Editor Adam Epstein shows you exactly how he takes a project from an empty timeline to a network broadcast in under 24 hours. Combining all elements of post production including sequencing, audio, motion graphics and compositing, Adam shares his tips, techniques and theories to maximize your results on any project.

Length: 330 minutes

Item#: BVL168275

ISBN: 978-1-64481-479-6

Copyright date: ©2014

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