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Developing Executive Function (02:20)


HighScope's plan-do-review process helps children develop self-confidence, a sense of control, and independence. They take initiative, work with others, solve problems and accomplish their goals. Their language becomes increasingly complex and their vocabulary grows.

Plan-Do-Review: an Overview (02:07)

Children meet in small groups with an adult to decide what to do. During work time, they carry out their plans with available materials. Then they review their activities. Research shows play becomes more purposeful and focused.

Planning Time (04:57)

Supportive strategies include dividing children into small groups, inviting children to share their plan using "what" questions, and making follow-up questions or comments to encourage more thinking. Allow enough time and hear ideas for making planning fun.

Planning Activities (06:09)

Consider developmental levels when choosing activities to help children form plans. Learn about using visibility games and tours, props, partnerships, group games, and representation activities. Activities help retain interest and develop cognitive skills; plans will become increasingly complex and abstract.

Planning Time with Diverse Developmental Levels (02:59)

Educators can help children by asking them what they will do, which materials they will use, and how they will begin. A teacher assists children with planning at earlier and later developmental levels. Children are free to begin “work” immediately.

Work Time (05:08)

Children decide where, how, and with whom they will play. They may move materials between classroom areas; crowded areas present problem solving opportunities. Learn about teacher observation, interaction, partner play, and support roles, including scaffolding learning and encouraging additional activities.

Cleanup Time (02:00)

Provide a transition warning before ending work time. Cleaning up helps children learn classroom organization and material location. Hear ideas for making tidying a fun activity.

Recall Time (09:47)

Immediately following work and cleanup time, children review their activities in small groups. Learn about the teacher’s role in the reflection process, including using activities similar to those used during planning time to keep children engaged.

Credits: Plan-Do-Review in Action (01:17)

Credits: Plan-Do-Review in Action

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This program covers the plan-do-review process—an essential element of the HighScope approach in which children make plans, carry them out, and reflect on what they have done. In doing so, they learn to take initiative, solve problems, work with others, and accomplish their goals—making play both fun and intentional. It presents the three components that make up plan-do-review and how they encourage purposeful play, featuring real examples of the process in the classroom.

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