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Outside Time for Active Learners: Introduction (03:07)


Outdoors, children learn through energetic activity, social interaction, problem solving with peers, equipment and materials, and nature encounters. This program looks at how teachers in HighScope programs support learning outside.

Outside Classroom Environment (03:39)

Adults join and support children's play and use active learning elements. Materials include play structures, wheeled toys, items for throwing and kicking, gardening tools, sand, water, construction, art and dramatic play materials. Children can manipulate and explore materials.

What Children Do During Outside Time (03:04)

See examples of exploratory, constructive, and pretend play and inventing games. Children carry on conversations with adults and other children, solve problems, take on challenges at their own pace, and discover new ways to interact with peers.

The Adult's Role at Outside Time (02:40)

As they do inside the classroom, educators focus on children, play as partners, observe to learn more about their interests and development, take anecdotal notes, engage in conversation, and point out things that may interest them.

Outside Time Challenges (02:02)

Outdoor play areas should be easily accessible from the classroom and include open space, surfaces for wheeled equipment, and quiet areas. Neighborhood playgrounds can also be used.

Bringing Outside Time to a Close (01:39)

Adults should provide a warning before ending outdoor play. Children should help put away materials and equipment. Hear why outdoor play is important for learning and development.

Credits: Outside Time for Active Learners (00:54)

Credits: Outside Time for Active Learners

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Outside Time for Active Learners

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This program shows how to cultivate active learning and a sense of wonder outdoors, presenting model strategies to support and challenge children in developmentally appropriate ways.

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