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Fulfilling Preschool Goals (04:18)


Self-worth and self-esteem are common adult goals for young children. HighScope consultant Shelley Nemeth explains that praise, while well-intentioned, offers an adult evaluation of children's activities, rather than their own evaluation. This film will explore using encouragement as an alternative.

Unintended Effects of Praise (06:01)

Hear how praise can lessen self-motivation, discouraging problem solving; discourage risk taking; make children dependent on adults for approval; decrease children's power to evaluate their work; and cause anger and resentment when used to manage or manipulate.

Participating in Children's Play (02:02)

Encouragement strategies include participating in children's play; encouraging children to describe their efforts, ideas and products; and acknowledging children's work and ideas by making nonjudgmental descriptive comments. See examples of participating in children's play.

Encouraging Children to Describe Their Efforts, Ideas and Products (05:25)

This encouragement strategy supports children to feel good about their work and ideas and fosters a sense of control over their lives. Adults ask open ended questions without predetermined, correct answers. Process-oriented questions require observation and open true dialogues.

Acknowledging Children's Work and Ideas (03:22)

In this encouragement strategy, adults make nonjudgmental descriptive comments. Realistically describing their work helps children understand their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to evaluate themselves. See how a teacher reacts to a child asking for praise.

Praise vs. Encouragement (03:01)

Head Start teacher Helen McQuerry first uses evaluating praise and then encouragement strategies in her preschool classroom. Hear a summary of encouragement strategies.

Credits: Moving Past Praise (01:28)

Credits: Moving Past Praise

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Praise may be well-intentioned, but encouragement is more helpful. This program teaches how to improve children's self-worth and self-esteem by using easy-to-implement support strategies. It includes tips from teachers and examples of these techniques in real classrooms.

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