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Large-Group Time: Introduction (03:38)


During HighScope's daily routine, adults and children come together for companionship, information sharing, planned learning experiences, and the enjoyment of participating in a group. Activities include songs, stories, movement, or discussing topics. Planned transitions take place between each activity.

Planning Large-Group Time (02:46)

Activities should occur in spaces large enough for both vigorous activity and togetherness. Teachers should plan for the next day based on observations of children. Activities are based on active learning ingredients: materials, manipulation, choice, child language, and adult support.

Large-Group Time Activity Types (02:56)

Categories include easy-to-join activities for starting large-group times; singing songs, doing finger plays, and saying chants and poems; storytelling and reenacting stories and nursery rhymes; movement activities; and cooperative games or projects. See questions to consider while viewing examples.

Easy-to-Join Activities (03:01)

See examples of songs with movement used to invite children to transition into large-group time.

Singing, Finger Plays, and Saying Chants and Poems (04:03)

See examples of large-group time activities involving children in key learning experiences. These can include music, creative representation, and math-related experiences.

Storytelling and Reenacting (06:33)

See examples of large-group time activities where children act out nursery rhymes and classic stories using props. This helps to build language and social skills.

Movement With or Without Music or Objects (06:16)

See examples of large-group time activities providing opportunities for children to move their bodies and practice coordination skills.

Cooperative Games or Projects (03:40)

See examples of large-group time activities where children work together toward a common goal. These can include joint storytelling, large art projects, and action games.

Planning a Large-Group Session (05:24)

HighScope teachers plan an activity around children's play that they observed that day. Incorporating storytelling and movement will encourage creative representation and language and literacy learning experiences.

HighScope Demonstration Preschool Large-Group Session (07:41)

Teachers engage children in singing and moving like different animals. Then they brainstorm about dog behavior to create and act out a story about a dog. During transition, dog "owners" tap dogs to move to the planning table.

Large-Group Session Review (06:02)

HighScope teachers reflect on their activity around creating and acting out a story about dogs. Working with the entire group of children may also be necessary for daily messages, problem-solving times, field trips, or special guests.

Credits: Large-Group-Times for Active Learners (00:52)

Credits: Large-Group-Times for Active Learners

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Large-group time is when children and adults get together to sing, play, talk, and plan. This program shows how real HighScope preschool teachers prepare, implement, and review a variety of engaging large-group activities.

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