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Physical Setting (02:45)


Teachers design classroom layouts before school starts. An engaging play environment attracts children, accurately reflects their interests, and addresses development. Factors include arranging the play space, choosing materials, and storing materials.

Arranging the Play Space (07:22)

Consider fixed elements, traffic flow, facility location, lighting, and floor coverings. Divide the space into defined areas and choose names that children can understand. Establish visual boundaries. Plan areas to accommodate many types of play and modify areas throughout the year.

Choosing Materials (11:14)

Provide real-life materials appropriate for developmental levels and supporting different types of play. Provide items used in a variety of ways, reflecting diversity, and offering children opportunities to engage with curriculum content. Learn about KDIs and HighScope curriculum content areas.

Storing Materials (03:48)

Store materials so that children can see and reach them; encourage them to find, use, and return materials; store similar materials together; and label for diverse development stages. Children learn best by planning and engaging in activities they choose.

HighScope Demonstration Preschool Tour (11:20)

See book, toy, house, block, wood working, and art areas. Hear organizing, cleanliness and safety tips. Furniture on wheels helps increase space for large-group activities. Some materials are suitable for multiple activities and types of play.

Credits: Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environment (02:03)

Credits: Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environment

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Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environment

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Learning environments, both indoor and out, provide early childhood programs with many choices and materials to create learning opportunities. This program includes real-life examples of encouraging children's initiative and creativity through supportive environments in a variety of HighScope educational settings.

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