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Introduction to Daily Routines (03:24)


The HighScope curriculum prepares children for future learning and life decisions. Daily routines balance individual, small-group and large-group activities and include plan-do-review sequences. Hear why consistent schedules are important in early education.

Daily Routine (13:53)

Learn about greeting time, planning time for the plan-do-review sequence, work time, cleanup time, recall time, large-group time, small-group time, snack time, quiet time, outside time, and adult planning time. Teachers observe and participate as activity partners; curriculum content guides communication.

Greeting Time (02:20)

Chantal LaFortune’s Harlem preschool program offers children books and has a teacher read to the group to minimize separation anxiety. She uses a board to announce any routine changes; children sing while transitioning between activities.

Planning Time (02:40)

LaFortune instructs her preschool class to volunteer as helpers and choose activities for work time. They tell a caterpillar their choices.

Work and Cleanup Time (02:35)

LaFortune and her colleagues interact with children to minimize conflicts during an hour long activity session. They also provide a warning for the transition, and make tidying into a game.

Recall Time (02:26)

Children share what they made or did during work time.

Outside Time (03:43)

LaFortune takes her students to a playground a few blocks from their Harlem preschool. They sing a walking song along the way.

Small-Group and Large-Group Time (04:20)

LaFortune interacts with children as they make paperclip creations in smaller groups. The whole class meets for dancing and yoga. LaFortune gives them a one minute warning before lunchtime.

Lunch Time and Nap Time (02:20)

LaFortune and her colleagues join children for a family-style meal, after which they have quiet time. She encourages independence throughout activities.

Daily Routine Summary (02:11)

HighScope's daily routine provides an organizing framework for teachers to help children engage in active learning experiences geared toward development. Elements include consistency, shared control, collaboration, and the plan-do-review sequence.

Credits: The Daily Routine (01:37)

Credits: The Daily Routine

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The Daily Routine

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A consistent yet flexible schedule gives children a dependable framework in which to learn and grow. This program shows how HighScope's daily routine encourages children's ability to plan, act, solve problems, and reflect. It includes an overview of the daily routine and an in-depth examination of a "day-in-the-life" of an actual HighScope program.

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