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Black and White (04:39)


Tiger Woods says he is not black. According to a Newsweek poll, 34% of Americans who are classified as black want to be identified as something else. Tony Brown introduces panelists Charles Byrd, Betty Turko, and Dr. Clayton Majete.

Self-Identification (04:53)

Turko runs Getting Interracial Families Together (GIFT) and identifies as multiracial and multicultural. The "one drop" rule makes black a subpopulation, not a biological definition. Critics say that people who distinguish themselves as multiracial are running away from being called black.

Rule of Hypodescent (03:11)

The "one drop rule" is a cruel legacy from slavery embraced by the African American community. Brown prefers to identify as black. Turko would not deny any part of her heritage.

Color and Alienation (04:29)

In interracial families, the parent who does not resemble the physical characteristics of the child is alienated. Dr. Majete explains that from a political point of view , it is better to identify as black.

Multiracial Children (03:39)

Panelists discuss empowering children who are multiracial. Brown discusses youth choosing to be identified as black. Tiger Woods and Mariah Carey consider themselves multiracial.

Social Recognition (04:26)

Byrd discusses Henry Louis Gates writing that Anatole Broyard was black. The American racial caste system does not give multiracial children the option to be white. Panelists debate self-identification and culture.

Credits: White, Black, or None of the Above (02:19)

Credits: White, Black, or None of the Above

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What makes you Black or White or Asian or Indian or whatever? Does America have yet another so-called race? Has the multi-racial movement to be Black or White fizzled out? This program from Tony Brown's Journal discusses the meaning of race.

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