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Introduction: Tony Brown's Essay on MLK (03:15)


Dr. Martin Luther King took African-Americans from a segregating mentality to a liberated personality. Tony Brown organized the largest civil rights march in the United States. All white people were not racist, but most are conditioned to the privilege that the color of their skin brings them. (Credits)

Detroit and Civil Rights (05:39)

Brown chose to become the organizer of a civil rights march. Clarence L. Franklin asked Dr. King, Jr. to participate in "The Walk to Freedom." Critics used the minister's private life against him.

June 23, 1963 (05:17)

Dr. King walked among Detroit citizens on "The Walk to Freedom" and delivered the first version of the "I Have a Dream" speech. Brown witnessed the March on Washington for the "Detroit Courier" newspaper on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Brown revealed his unsettled feelings about Dr. King in "What Mama Taught Me."

Only the Human Race (06:01)

Brown read excerpts from "What Mama Taught Me" to explain what was on Dr. King's mind on the day of "The Walk to Freedom." America had a reasoning problem; race was a false political and social construct. Our features and skin color adapted according to the environment and climate.

Faulty Reasoning (02:39)

The rule of hypodescent stipulated that if an individual has any black ancestry, the person is classified as black. Black and white classifications were based upon a shaky system of self-reported ancestry. Myths were perpetuated through a form of cognitive dissonance.

Martin Luther King's Impact (06:19)

Brown was emboldened by Dr. King's epiphanies. On the eve before his assassination, King delivered the "I have been to the mountaintop" speech and felt death was near. Brown and King shared the dream that all humankind meet at "the Tablehood of Brotherhood."

Credits: Tony Brown's Essay on MLK (00:23)

Credits: Tony Brown's Essay on MLK

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In an innovative program celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, Tony Brown personally shares his historic and intimate experience as the coordinator of the Walk To Freedom civil rights march in Detroit on June 23, 1963, the largest civil rights march in history. Brown’s first-hand essay is a story of truth, vision, courage and transformation as well as his personal friendship with Dr. King.

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