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The Longest Struggle: Introduction (03:13)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of prejudice and discrimination. Meet representations of significant people in the fight for equality.

Black Reconstruction (02:43)

During the decade following the Civil War, African-Americans maintained the balance of aggregate political power as Republicans. Black majority southern legislatures integrated schools and created beneficial social legislation for poor whites. White supremacists and former slave holders organized a war of terror.

Racial Violence and Hatred (02:16)

By 1880, 130,000 blacks and their supporters were murdered. Many believed blacks were inferior to whites and southern states began adopting black codes.

Racism and Faith (06:59)

Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner supported black Americans; Abraham Lincoln's support was political. The Supreme Court supported "separate but equal." In 1990, James Weldon Johnson wrote a song that became the Negro National Hymn.

Activism and Legal Redress (03:15)

W.E.B. Du Bois organized the Niagara Movement; its emphasis met with success in 1909.

Race Riots (05:13)

By the 1890s, mob violence and lynching numbers were high; Jim Crow Laws reinstated enslavement. A riot in Springfield, IL moved activists into creating the NAACP.

Credits: The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP - Reign of Terror, Part 1 (02:34)

Credits: The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP - Reign of Terror, Part 1

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The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP - Reign of Terror, Part 1

Part of the Series : The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP
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The Civil War was followed by a brief period of about 10 years (1867–1877) called Black Reconstruction when the racial camaraderie between Blacks and Whites, in some isolated parts of the South, was so intimate that northern carpetbaggers and abolitionists found it distasteful. This program from Tony Brown's Journal looks at the period right after this, when the Ku Klux Klan and other secret hate groups were born and discusses how they used the tools of terror, murder, and intimidation.

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